Training Kit™: dSTORM



Your journey to microscopy expertise

  • Understand sample preparation for dSTORM imaging
  • Prepare samples for dSTORM with optimal reagents
  • Understand the basics of dSTORM imaging
  • Acquire dSTORM data on the Nanoimager
  • Gain confidence before experimenting with your own samples
  • Analyze dSTORM data on CODI
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The ONI Training Kit for dSTORM includes a microscopy slide with fixed mammalian cells, and reagents to label and image nuclear pores with dSTORM, a single-molecule localization microscopy technique. The online video training takes users through the journey of dSTORM: from sample preparation, to image acquisition, and analysis with ONI reagents, Nanoimager microscope and ONI’s CODI software.

With a focus on simplicity, the kit guides users through every step of the journey, ensuring a seamless experience for those new or less acquainted with the technique to feel empowered in optimizing their imaging settings ahead of experimenting with their own samples.

Microscope systems with equivalent specifications and compatible with dSTORM imaging can be used to image samples prepared using the dSTORM Training Kit.

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In the box

  • Sample slide (1): With mammalian cells fixed on a coverslip #1.5 attached to a bespoke microscope slide designed for easy flowing of reagents
  • Staining solution (60 µL): Including an antibody against the NUP98 protein, fluorescently labeled with a dSTORM dye
  • Washing solution (1.5 mL): A  buffer to remove nonspecific binding of antibodies and help improve the signal-to-noise ratio of dSTORM images
  • Fixative (340 µL): To crosslink antibodies to their targets in a postfixation step ready subsequent imaging
  • dSTORM imaging buffer (400 µL + 25 µL): Our popular two-component buffer to promote fluorophore blinking for optimal dSTORM imaging results. The amount of dSTORM provided allows for up to 4 imaging sessions
  • Tailored training materials (3): Video tutorials guiding users through sample preparation, imaging optimization on the Nanoimager & analysis on CODI


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  • Shelf life: Two months
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Can I use the kit with other microscopes that aren’t the Nanoimager?
Yes, you can. The sample prepared using the dSTORM Training Kit can be imaged with other microscope systems, however, these should have equivalent specifications than the Nanoimager and be compatible with dSTORM imaging. Please note that the training materials for image acquisition and analysis are tailored to the use of ONI’s Nanoimager and CODI software.

How many experiments can I run with the kit?
Kit materials only allow for 1 experimental cycle, with dSTORM imaging buffer provided for up to 4 imaging sessions. Additional dSTORM imaging buffer can be purchased separately from ONI, if needed. 

Why should I purchase the kit if I’m not interested in nuclear pores?
The kit aims to help users understand the basics of dSTORM and how to optimize sample preparation, imaging and analysis with optimal reagents and a robust sample, before using dSTORM with your own samples. The nuclear pore is an excellent structure to image with dSTORM as its ring-like structure cannot be imaged using conventional microscopy. In this case, it’s used as an example to help build confidence in the use of dSTORM imaging if someone is less experienced with the technology or microscope system.