dSTORM Imaging Buffer

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Blinking buffer for dSTORM imaging

  • Excellent performance with all popular dSTORM dyes
  • Fast blinking, slow bleaching and excellent localisation precision
  • Two part buffer for easy application
  • Minimum quantity order of 2
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2 units
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50 units
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The dSTORM Imaging Buffer is included in EV Profiler 2, dSTORM Discovery Kit, and dSTORM Training Kit.

dSTORM Imaging Buffer is a specially formulated solution for dSTORM imaging to stimulate blinking and stabilize fluorescent dyes. dSTORM allows researchers to visualize and analyze biological samples with 20 nm resolution. dSTORM Imaging Buffer contains a reducing agent that induces reversible blinking of the dye molecules and an oxygen scavenger system to prolong the life of dyes. It is compatible with a wide range of fluorescent dyes commonly used in biological research.

SKU: 900-00083

Minimum quantity order of 2

In the box

  • dSTORM Imaging Buffer Part A
  • dSTORM Imaging Buffer Part B 


  • Shipping: Item ships on dry ice
  • Storage: Store at -20 ºC
  • Shelf life: Two months


How long can I image for using dSTORM Imaging Buffer?
The buffer will last longer if the sample is protected from air and will theoretically last forever if completely sealed. In the EV Profiler 2 Assay Chip, performance is maintained for at least 1-hour, and in an open well system like an ibidi it will last for at least 30 minutes.


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