Application Kit™: EV Profiler 2



Label, image and analyze EVs in super-resolution

  • Identify your EVs with confidence
  • Visualize EVs and their associated biomarkers in super-resolution
  • Quantify EV phenotype and size at a single EV and population level
  • Choose between ONI-validated capture and detection antibodies or use your antibodies of choice
  • User-friendly imaging setup, accessible to all levels of expertise
  • Reduced hands-on time with automated acquisition in AutoEV
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EV Profiler 2 is a reagent kit for visualization and phenotyping of extracellular vesicles using dSTORM microscopy on the Nanoimager.

Capture up to 3x more EVs per chip, size EVs with TEM level accuracy, and characterize cargo and surface biomarkers with a 10% CV. Our new and novel PanEV stain now allows visualization and quantitation of individual EVs with tetraspanins and your biomarker of interest in stunning 3 color super resolution microscopy for both surface and cargo molecules. When combined with our newest software offering, AutoEV*, your system will be calibrated and optimized to acquire and analyze a 4 lane chip automatically and deliver a comprehensive report of EV size and positivity for each individual lane in less than one hour.

*AutoEV requires a CODI account and an active internet connection. Access to AutoEV without an internet connection will come later in 2024. EV Profiler Kit 2 and AutoEV are only compatible with Nanoimagers manufactured from 2021 on.

In the box

Box 1

  • A choice of different proteins for capture (3 tubes)
    (CD9, CD63, CD81, Tetrispanin Trio) 
  • Pan-EV Detection and Tetraspanin Trio (561)
  • Fixative, Wash Buffer and Staining Buffer
  • Permeabilization Buffer
  • 3 Color Tetraspanin Antibody Panel (CD9, CD63 and CD81) (add on)
  • EV Standard Control (lyophilised EVs from HCT-116 culture media) (add on)

Box 2

  • dSTORM Imaging Buffer
  • Surface Reagent
  • Phosphatidylserine capture (if selected)

Assay Chips

  • 3 Assay Chips, each with four lanes



  • Storage: Box 1 & Assay Chips: 4 ºC | Box 2 & Assay Chips: -20 ºC
  • Shelf life: 2 months
  • Shipping: Items ship in two separate boxes & Assay Chips pouch based on temperature storage needs
  • Processing time: Please allow a processing time of 5-10 business days before your items are shipped

Please visit product webpage for more information: EV Profiler 2 with AutoEV


What are the software requirements for the use of AutoEV?
AutoEV requires a CODI account and an active internet connection. Access to AutoEV without an internet connection will come later in 2024. AutoEV supports most Nanoimagers manufactured after 2021.

What type of EVs is the kit compatible with?
The kit was validated for human-derived EVs.

What EV purification methods should I use?
Size exclusion chromatography purified or differential centrifugation.

What’s the kit’s shelf life?
The shelf life of the kit is 2 months

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