Three Color Tetraspanin Detection Panel



Control EVs for EV Profiler 2

  • Lyophilized EVs purified from cell culture media (HCT-116)
  • Positive control for EV capture and staining
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A panel of three fluorescent antibodies for detection of CD9 (488), CD63 (561) and CD81 (647)

SKU: 900-00080

In the box

  • Anti-human CD9 mouse monoclonal antibody (488)
  • Anti-human CD63 mouse monoclonal antibody (561)
  • Anti-human CD81 mouse monoclonal antibody (647)


  • Shipping: Item ships on ice blocks 
  • Shelf life: 3 months
  • Storage: Store at 4ºC


Does this antibody panel recognise mouse tetraspanins?
Based on sequence similarity these antibodies are not expected to bind to mouse tetraspanins.

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