Biotin Microscopy Chip (pack of 5)



Microfluidic chip with biotin-functionalized coverglass

  • Efficient capture of biotinylated antibodies, DNA and proteins via Streptavidin/Neutravidin
  • Ultraclean coverglass for single-molecule microscopy and smFRET
  • High density PEG passivation for low non-specific binding
  • Convenient microfluidic slide operated with a pipette with no extra equipment required
  • Biotin functionalization gives the ability to swap in any biotinylated antibody or DNA
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This chip has been extensively used for dSTORM imaging as part of the EV Profiler 2 kit.

ONI’s biotin microfluidic slide is a tool for single-molecule microscopy and smFRET of DNA, proteins and nanoparticles such as EVs, viruses and liposomes. The ultraclean glass of the slide minimizes background fluorescence while the PEG-passivation minimizes non-specific binding and allows for high-resolution imaging using techniques such as dSTORM or TIRF. 

Biotin functionalization is an excellent choice for single-molecule assays because you can easily swap in any biotinylated antibody or DNA via streptavidin-biotin linkage. This makes it a flexible tool for single-molecule studies, such as microtubule gliding assays and DNA motor protein research. Its ability to capture fluorescently labeled proteins also makes it a perfect choice for most smFRET assays. The 4 lane microfluidic format makes applying samples, washing and exchanging solutions easy.

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  • Biotin Microscopy Chips (5-pack)


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What kind of antibodies is the chip compatible with?
After coating with streptavidin or neutravidin the chip will capture any biotinylated antibody.

What is the thickness of the coverglass?
The coverglass is #1.5H (170 μm +/- 5 μm).


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