Application Kit™: EV Profiler



Kit for super-resolution imaging of immobilized extracellular vesicles

  • Identify EVs and quantify surface biomarkers
  • Flexible capture of your EVs
  • EV characterization across scales: from EV populations down to single EVs
  • Obtain rapid results with a benchtop assay
  • Flexibility to suit your EV samples
  • EV analysis and quantification made simple
  • Powered by ONI’s Nanoimager and CODI platform
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EV Profiler is a sample preparation kit for super-resolution imaging of Extracellular Vesicles. EVs are immobilized using biotinylated antibodies or EV-binding proteins, enabling rapid, flexible capture of your EV samples.

EVs can be labeled with provided anti-tetraspanin antibodies or any dSTORM-compatible fluorophores. The kit provides a simple and effective way to analyze and quantify EVs across scales with the ability to characterize populations down to single EVs. Powered by ONI's Nanoimager and CODI platform, you can obtain results quickly and easily, making EV analysis and quantification more accessible than ever before.

SKU: 900-00003

In the box

  • 3 flow-cell chips, each with capacity for 4 samples. Includes 6 lane sealing stickers and 2 stage securing magnets
  • 3 fluorescently-labeled tetraspanin antibodies: anti-CD9 488 (1 tube), anti-CD63 568 (1 tube) and anti-CD81 647 (1 tube)
  • 3 tubes of Phosphatidylserine-dependent capture reagent (S4) 
  • Standard: E1 control EVs (1 tube)
  • Buffers: S3, W1, F1, B1 and N1 (3 tubes each), C1 (1 tube)
  • Software access for cloud-based analysis and quantification of EV populations, single EVs and their biomarkers


  • Storage: Store at -20 ºC
  • Shelf life: Two months
  • Shipping: Item ships on dry ice
  • Processing time: Please allow a processing time of 5-10 business days before your items are shipped

Please visit product webpage for more information: EV Profiler Kit


Can I use my own EV samples with the kit?
The E1 standard EVs are provided as a positive control to use during optimization. The kit can be used with a range of EV samples. We recommend using a concentration of 109- 1011 particles/mL, resulting in 1x109 EVs per lane, lower concentrations can be achieved but will depend on sample purity and efficiency of the capture method used. Tips for concentrating your EV stock or increasing capture times are provided in the user protocol.

How long does the EV Profiler protocol take?
There are two options with the protocol: in solution labeling or on surface labeling. The “In solution labeling protocol requires an overnight staining of unfixed EV samples whereas the “On surface labeling” protocol is a faster workflow with EVs stained on the surface chip. This decreases assay time to obtain same-day results. Optimization might be needed depending on the target used and background signal obtained.

Is the kit compatible with my own labeled antibodies? 
Yes, antibodies against tetraspanin are provided as a control. We recommend using a degree of labeling of 1-3 fluorophores and an antibody concentration of 0.1- 20 μg/mL, however, concentrations may need to be optimized to achieve optimal signal-to-noise ratios.